Best Practice

Please be aware all burial authorities enough is enough, no more joint failures.

The problem

When cement paste is being used between structural connections over a period of time, the cement becomes brittle and cracks. The joint then becomes a potential safety risk and the grave owner ends up with a wobbly headstone being able to rotate on the ground anchor or the worst case scenario could become detached from the ground anchor.

The solution

The British Standard BS 8145/2018 in order to rectify this problem and introduced within in the standard section 5.1 general- cement mortar or adhesives shall not be the soul means used for the bonding of structural connections.

Meaning structural connections shall be either dowelled or bolted, this will then prevent the base becoming detached from the ground anchor.

BRAMM BLUE BOOK improving standards

Memorial designs and construction considerations. In all cases the base must be fixed to the foundation using a recognised and accredited memorial anchorage system. Compliant dowels or a recognised locking system.

NAMM code of working practice section 7/13

A memorial constructed in compliance with code of working practice with a ground anchor when subjected to an undue force may result in the joint between the foundation and the base breaking the joint may open but the memorial will lock on the anchor and remain completely safe.

This is a controversial statement, even with a moderate force the joint could break and if the whole size is not absolutely precise, push from the back can become detached from the ground anchor.

BS8415/2018 structural connections shall be either dowelled or bolted.

Stone-Safe Stability System


Stone-Safe Stability Systems Ltd have designed and developed an innovative memorial base which when attached to a headstone can resist an overturning force of 250kg+. This more than meets the required standard of 150kg.

Important information regarding the new British standard bs 8415 2018 in order to create a safer burial ground

In order to protect the public and give peace of mind to the bereaved we feel that it is essential that all registered cemeteries and churchyards should require that the product being used for securing the Memorial should of been tested in accordance with the new British Standard BS 8415-2018. The product must also be fit for purpose in order to comply with consumer law.

Fixer Masons

Who carry out a Memorial installation should obtain a test certificate from the manufacturer and ensure the product has been tested in accordance with BS 8415-2018 which has been countersigned by the acting chartered or incorporated engineer in order to prove that the product being used fully complies with the new standard.

Burial Authorities

Should also obtain a copy of the test certificate and confirmation from the concrete manufacturer that the foundation base is metal reinforced as required in the new standard (BS4449) and also become part of the burial authorities Memorial application form.


Following the publication of BS8415-2018 and the blue book operational guidance document published by BRAMM. We are proud to announce that the Stone Safe Stability system is currently the only cast in situ/in depth pier foundation system. That fully complies and also has a test certificate signed by the Acting Civil Engineer in order to prove that the product complies with the new British Standard BS8415-2018. In accordance with best practice as described in the blue book.

Best Practice

A Memorial installation can only be agreed to be best practice if the system has passed the test requirements of the new British Standards BS8415-2018 and been given a proven test certificate signed by the acting structural/civil engineer.

pdfClick here to view the “Structural Safety Report”

clickNEWS: BS 8451 – Click here to read about the changes Stone-Safe proposes should take place.

pdfClick here to view the “Headstone Stability Load Tests Report” – August 2008

pdfClick here to view the “Cement Report” – September 2008

pdfClick here to view the “Ferndale cemetery’s gravestone damage ‘mindless’ Report”

pdfClick here to view the “The efficacy of pin fixings for memorials brought into renewed doubt by vandal attack in Welsh cemetery Report”

pdfClick here to view the foundation support system test certificate

pdfClick here to view the steel reinforced concrete base confirmation by Premier Concrete Design

pdfClick here to view the pushover test certificate tested by Southampton University


Tested by the civil engineering department at Southampton University.


Meeting all safety requirements along with a 30 year product guarantee.


The Stonesafe stability system is Patented (number GB2406589).


Please contact one of our friendly team with any questions you may have.

NAMM’s website
Fixers and burial authorities please be aware
Memorial Testing
NAMM Accredited Category C

Namms statement on their website/ despite be requested in writing to remove this misleading claim and also informing trading standards of the false statement stone Safe claim that their product is Namm accredited category c on there website.

Being accused of making a false statement obviously has caused us a great embarrassment being corporate members of the iccm fbca and a member of trading Standards (buy with confidence).

In April 2020 a letter was received by trading Standards informing that stone Safe stability system limited were in breach re the consumer protection from unfair trading regulations 2008 namm claimed that they have no record of stone Safe stability system limited being a member since 2015. After consulting legal advice from FSB federation of small businesses we contacted trading Standards in order to put the record straight. We have never been a member of Namm although we were asked to join on several occasions how ever we are members of Bramm, we wrote to Namm back in 2005 having designed and developed a memorial stability system stone Safe. After carrying out a demonstration with the Chichester district council I was informed by the health and safety officer that it required to be tested. The stone Safe system was originally tested by Southampton university of structural engineering mainly because of the indemnity insurance in order to carry out such a test. The system achieved 250kg plus (test certificate received) and the fee for carrying out the test was £150.

We wrote to Namm shortly after and asked if they would accept the university’s accreditation and I was informed by Namm technical that the test would have to be carried out by them as they are the trade association for the memorial industry. An agreement was made at a cost of £800 in order to carry out a test at their test site in Northampton.

This was carried out on the 6th of September 2005, JPP consulting engineers confirmed this. We also have a document dated 10th of Mach 2006 confirming accreditation through to category c memorials up to 5 feet (1500cm ) in height.

Informing trading Standards in providing all the evidence no further action was taken we now seek to ask Namm to remove these false claims from their website before seeking further action.

Anton Matthews
Director of Stone Safe Stability System

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National Association of Memorial Masons Accredited Category “C” 2005 – 2015

Arun District Business Partnership Awards New Technology Award Winner 2005 – 2006

The Phoenix Memorial Safety Award Winner 2005 – 2006 (Category: Site Safety)

The Observer Business Awards Winner Innovation Award 2007

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