New Design Base

The finished appearance of a lawn memorial and the advantages of a monolith.

1. Area for the Base is Marked out: The turf is moved and put to one side for re-use and the area is evacuated to a depth of 125mm, making sure the excavation is level.

2. The Soil Condition is evaluated: A) Poor soil is augered to a depth of 450-500mm and 2 concrete piles constructed – the base is then placed in the excavation and stainless steel anchor pins driven in. B) For good soil, Stone-safe soil nails may be used.

3. Correct Positioning: The Memorial Base must be positioned on the concrete base making sure the slot lines up.

4. The Stone-safe Lifting Clamp: The Memorial is carefully raised and guided through the slot until resting on the ground.

5. The Memorial is Inserted: at the back of the concrete base through the memorial 2 x 12mm stainless steel through bolts (marked with red arrows) and tightened. The memorial is now resting on the ground and on the bolts.

6. Sealant is Added: between the joint of the Memorial and base.

7. The Earth is Backfilled: The turf is replaced and left sound, resulting in a secure, sturdy fitting.