You are no doubt aware of the concerns of the Managers of Churchyards and Cemeteries about the safety of existing memorials. There have been examples of deaths to both children and adults across the country, caused by memorials falling on to Cemetery visitors. Serious injuries have been sustained even from modern style low level memorials.

To overcome this serious risk, Stonesafe have developed stabilising systems to meet all conditions of Memorial safety.

To avoid future risks, Stonesafe have designed a safety base which when fixed to a memorial stone, can withstand a pressure applied to the top of the Stone of 250kg. This more than meets safety regulations.

The new design was tested by the civil engineering department at Southampton University. To give reassurance to members of the public, who want the best for their loved ones and confident of the security of his revolutionary headstone fittings, Stonesafe is offering a 30 year product liability guarantee.

If you are considering having headstones fitted in a cemetery or churchyard, they should realise the importance of peace of mind – which comes through having a secure memorial base fitted, which meets all safety requirements and has a 30 year product guarantee.

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